"Together Against Cancer" initiative. Copyright: © Bristol Myers Squibb

Together against cancer

"The tumor is malignant, you have cancer." A sentence that changes life. Almost every minute for a person in Germany, annually for around half a million (1). Even though medical advances have been great in recent years and a long...

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Food box from medimentumHealthFood.store between green vegetables on a wooden background.

Eating healthy in the medimentumHealthFood.store

medimentumHealthFood.store was created to provide people with health restrictions with a fresh, tasty and balanced diet that takes their special needs into account. The medimentum health portals deal in detail with prevention and therapy in specialized medical fields. In the...

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Hand in latex glove with COVID-19 vaccine and syringe. Article picture for the Charité campaign #Impfenschützt, regarding the 4th corona wave.

Together against Corona. #Impfenschützt

https://player.vimeo.com/video/644754743 The Charité is in the middle of the fourth wave of the pandemic: The number of corona infections is increasing and with it the number of COVID-19 sufferers. In order to make the public aware of the overloading of...

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