Cover picture Podcast Weissbunt with Prof. Mechsner.

Podcast: Endometriosis, the ignored disease!

With Prof. Mechsner and Prof. Sehouli Spontaneously, intuitively, without a script, pure improvisation! Authentic, honest, direct! That's what Weissbunt stands for! Prof.Dr. Jalid Sehouli, director of the women's clinic at the Charité - Campus Virchow, started his own podcast...

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Cover Weissbunt Podcast: Singen, Sterben, Frühgeburt, Krebs! Was ist der Code? Prof.Bührer zu Gast bei Prof. Sehouli vom 07. August 2022.

Singing, dying, premature birth, cancer!

What is the code? Prof. Bührer visiting Prof. Sehouli August 7th, 2022 Spontaneously, intuitively, without a script, pure improvisation! Authentic, honest, direct! That's what Weissbunt stands for! This podcast is called "WeissBunt", "Weiss" because my doctor's coat wears this...

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Scientist monitoring data on a computer screen.

Biomarker-Based Models for Preoperative Assessment of Adnexal Mass: A Multicenter Validation Study

Authors MustRafał Watrowski,1,2,† Eva Obermayr,2,† Christine Wallisch,3 Stefanie Aust,2 Nicole Concin,4 Elena Ioana Braicu,5 Toon Van Gorp,6 Annette Hasenburg,7,8 Jalid Sehouli,5 Ignace Vergote,6 and Robert Zeillinger2,* Simple Summary Ovarian cancer (OC) is the deadliest genital tumor in women. In this multicenter study, we developed three new diagnostic models based on serum...

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Operating room with scissors in the foreground.

Reconstructive Surgery versus Primary Closure following Vulvar Cancer Excision: A Wide Single-Center Experience

Authors Mustafa Zelal Muallem 1, Jalid Sehouli 1, Andrea Miranda 1, Helmut Plett 1, Ahmad Sayasneh 2, Yasser Diab 3, Jumana Muallem 1, Imad Hatoum 1 Simple Summary When it comes to advanced vulval cancer management, there is a critical quandary to consider. This is owing to the severe negative impact of demolitive surgery on...

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Logo European Center for Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial Cancer App

The endometrial cancer app is aimed at both patients and doctors. With the support of new technologies, we want to stay in touch with you and keep you informed about news in the field of endometrial cancer (gynecological oncology). Together...

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Image for the article Aromatherapy and Cancer, with an image of the aroma bottle and fruit and descriptive text.

Aromatherapy and Cancer

The focus of an oncological center is the holistic treatment of people suffering from cancer. In addition to classical medicine, supportive integrative procedures have also been established for this purpose in recent decades. For example, aromatherapy in the hospital. It...

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