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Biomarker-Based Models for Preoperative Assessment of Adnexal Mass: A Multicenter Validation Study

Authors MustRafał Watrowski,1,2,† Eva Obermayr,2,† Christine Wallisch,3 Stefanie Aust,2 Nicole Concin,4 Elena Ioana Braicu,5 Toon Van Gorp,6 Annette Hasenburg,7,8 Jalid Sehouli,5 Ignace Vergote,6 and Robert Zeillinger2,* Simple Summary Ovarian cancer (OC) is the deadliest genital tumor in women. In this multicenter study, we developed three new diagnostic models based on serum...

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Initiative Rosi #fürrosi

What is it about? The Rosi initiative supports women who are suffering from cancer, such as cervical cancer or ovarian cancer. In the current, purpose-oriented rooms, the patients' thoughts revolve around the illness, because everything reminds them of it. With...

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