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What is it about?

The Rosi initia­ti­ve sup­ports women who are suf­fe­ring from can­cer, such as cer­vical can­cer or ova­ri­an can­cer. In the cur­rent, pur­po­se-ori­en­ted rooms, the pati­ents’ thoughts revol­ve around the ill­ness, becau­se ever­y­thing reminds them of it. With easy-to-imple­ment remo­de­ling, we can make a huge dif­fe­rence in treatment.

The goal is a heal­ing and bene­fi­ci­al envi­ron­ment for women in a serious health cri­sis. An envi­ron­ment that streng­thens the cou­ra­ge to face life and self-heal­ing powers and in which dead wai­ting time beco­mes lively, meaningful­ly ful­fil­led time. Howe­ver, this requi­res a holi­stic approach that offers not only rest, retre­at and secu­ri­ty but also con­tent: lear­ning and mee­ting oppor­tu­ni­ties in which tho­se affec­ted expe­ri­ence them­sel­ves not only as trea­ted but also as actors and can deve­lop self-deter­mi­ned and self-effec­ti­ve posi­ti­ve stra­te­gies and perspectives.

The Rosi Initiative

Prof. Dr. med. Jalid Seh­ouli and Tina Mül­ler joint­ly foun­ded the Rosi initia­ti­ve — named after Tina’s late mother Ros­wi­tha. Rosi was a mother, wife, col­le­ague, fri­end and advi­sor. When she found out about her can­cer, her life chan­ged radi­cal­ly, as she had to spend a lot of time in cold the­ra­py rooms from then on. Her daugh­ter Tina accom­pa­nied her and thus expe­ri­en­ced the pre­mi­ses and cir­cum­s­tances for hers­elf. This pic­tu­re is also fami­li­ar to Prof. Seh­ouli. As direc­tor of the Cli­nic for Gyneco­lo­gy at the Cha­ri­té, he repres­ents a com­pre­hen­si­ve the­ra­peu­tic approach that also includes the well-being and cou­ra­ge of the pati­ents. The the­ra­py room offers enorm­ous poten­ti­al to streng­then this vital force. That is why the Rosi initia­ti­ve comes into play here and would like to rede­sign this space.

The # für­Ro­si initia­ti­ve with many sup­port­ers has exis­ted sin­ce April 2018. This includes pro­mi­nent (by choice and heart­felt) Ber­li­ners, but also Ger­ma­ny-wide sup­port­ers. And it includes peo­p­le like you and me becau­se we all know women and sis­ters, aunts and daugh­ters, fri­ends and important women of all kinds who are affec­ted. As a first step, we used a crowd­fun­ding cam­paign to appeal to “real” men (tho­se in whom the heart is stron­ger than the biceps). Juras­si­ca Parka, Her­bert Grö­ne­mey­er, Rober­to Blan­co, Rolf Schei­der, Mike Adler, Moritz Rin­ke, as well as the foot­bal­lers from Ber­lin Her­tha and the hand­ball play­ers from Füch­se Ber­lin helped.

The Concept

For Rosi, it has always been a con­cern to impro­ve the the­ra­py rooms. Her daugh­ter has taken on this concern.

Based on her mother’s expe­ri­en­ces, Tina has deve­lo­ped a room con­cept that is sup­po­sed to make the tre­at­ment more beara­ble. The pati­ents should be given the oppor­tu­ni­ty to spend their lives meaningful­ly ins­tead of just sit­ting down. The­r­e­fo­re, the the­ra­py room is being com­ple­te­ly rede­si­gned. The use of natu­ral wood, warm light and a fra­grance sys­tem should pro­mo­te phy­si­cal well-being. With the Rosi initia­ti­ve, we also want to crea­te a diver­se ran­ge of con­tent. This should include, for exam­p­le, lan­guage cour­ses, guest lec­tures and the­med mor­nings, but also enter­tain­ment media or free cos­me­tic and nut­ri­tio­nal advice. Spen­ding time with loved ones is part of it. A warm and secu­re envi­ron­ment should enable women to dis­tract them­sel­ves, to relax and, as far as pos­si­ble, to feel good.

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