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Under the microscope: a balanced diet

Peo­p­le are what they eat, and that also appli­es to pati­ents. And ever­yo­ne eats dif­fe­rent. Becau­se we know that health, per­for­mance and well-being have a lot to do with our diet, this topic is very special. 

All nut­ri­ents are important, which is why, based on Dr. med. Ambro­si­us, put tog­e­ther five buil­ding blocks that are good and important for the body and the soul. 

Get inspi­ra­ti­on for more awa­re­ness, health and wellbeing.

Balanced nutrition and its building blocks

A balan­ced diet con­ta­ins indi­vi­du­al nut­ri­tio­nal com­pon­ents.
As many buil­ding blocks as pos­si­ble should be inte­gra­ted into per­so­nal nut­ri­ti­on every day.

Building block no. 1: “Heart-strengthening” foods: The fat etiquette principle (oils, nuts, butter)

Fats are­n’t always bad. Fats ensu­re pro­per blood lipids and streng­then the heart. 

A balan­ced com­bi­na­ti­on of good oils, the right spreads, fish, meat and nuts crea­tes the right balan­ce bet­ween tas­te and health. 

No fat is out! Com­bi­ning fats cor­rect­ly, on the other hand, is trendy!

Module no. 2: “Zellerfrischer” food (water, tea)

“Stay hydra­ted, it’s important”, true to the mot­to: At least 8 glas­ses of water a day — that’s a mat­ter of honor! 

Drink a lar­ge glass of water or uns­weeten­ed her­bal tea befo­re and after each meal. That way you achie­ve the goal of 1.5 to 2 liters per day. 

Why is this so important for your well-being? Water ser­ves as a “means of trans­port” for degra­da­ti­on pro­ducts from the body and refres­hes every cell with important vital sub­s­tances. Life wit­hout hydra­ti­on is not possible. 

Module no. 3: “Filling” foods: (eggs, tofu, meat, fish, milk and dairy products, cheese, soy)

Pro­te­in-rich foods tell your brain that you are full. This plea­sant­ly good fee­ling lasts for a cer­tain time. 

The so-cal­led satie­ty-makers are used to build up firm mus­cles and burn twice the calo­ries: once during pro­te­in diges­ti­on and also when sup­p­ly­ing new muscles.

Module no. 4: “Beauty from the inside” — Food: (vegetables and fruit)

At least 3 ser­vings of vege­ta­bles and 2 ser­vings of fruit should be con­su­med dai­ly for well-being. One ser­ving is rough­ly equi­va­lent to “a handful”. 

Sweet or savo­ry, the­se five ser­vings of vege­ta­bles and fruits pro­vi­de your body with important vit­amins, mine­rals and secon­da­ry plant sub­s­tances that have a posi­ti­ve influence on a lar­ge num­ber of meta­bo­lic processes. 

Vege­ta­bles and fruits the­r­e­fo­re streng­then your immu­ne sys­tem, make you full and that’s why they make you look beau­tiful from the inside!

Module no. 5: “Feel-Good” food: (whole grain bread, potatoes, rice, noodles)

Lift your spi­rits: “Feel-Good” foods real­ly fill you up. They also pro­vi­de the neces­sa­ry ener­gy. They crea­te new power for the who­le body. Good to know: Our brain can main­ly pro­cess “feel good” foods. 

Now you have an over­view and hel­pful don­key bridges over the most important nut­ri­tio­nal com­pon­ents that are real­ly good for you and important. Eat a balan­ced diet. In prin­ci­ple, only eat what you like — almost any­thing is pos­si­ble with the­se components.

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