SARS CoV-2 depiction

Cancer patients and coronavirus "Cancer Patients and Coronavirus (COVID-19)." An interview with Prof. Schneeweiss. (Eva Schumacher-Wulf for Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V.). Further information at Support our work: This video in no way replaces a medical consultation. A visit to a doctor for...

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Prof. Dr. Sehouli presents the Survivorship Clinic

Survivorship Clinic

Consultation hours for long-term survivors with gynecological tumor disease Follow-up care for patients with gynecological cancer usually extends to the first five years after the initial diagnosis. However, over half of long-term survivors still have symptoms. So far there is...

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Hand in latex glove with COVID-19 vaccine and syringe. Article picture for the Charité campaign #Impfenschützt, regarding the 4th corona wave.

Together against Corona. #Impfenschützt The Charité is in the middle of the fourth wave of the pandemic: The number of corona infections is increasing and with it the number of COVID-19 sufferers. In order to make the public aware of the overloading of...

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Logo Klinikmanagement Akademie

Clinic management briefly explained

The Clinic Management Academy offers online training for managers in hospitals. We specialize in extra-occupational learning paths in the field of clinic management, health economics and digitization. Discover our videos and other content relating to the latest knowledge about management...

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